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TJK is a pharmaceutical store operating with 40 years of experience in the sector. TJK Pharmaceutical Warehouse, which serves with a store of 1400 m² in Ankara, is licensed by the Ministry of Health and is regularly inspected by the ministry officials. TJK Pharmaceutical Warehouse provides the delivery of medicines and medical supplies around the world with a wide range of products. TJK Pharmaceutical Warehouse works to help you to reach high quality products in a timely and complete way by choosing the cold chain transportation system and ensuring that the products are always reliable. TJK Pharmaceutical Warehouse, which adopts the perspective that prioritizes human life, supports unconditionally the humanitarian organizations operating in Africa. Coming to these days with  safe and reliable steps to In line with its target to become Turkey’s best  pharmaceutical warehouse, TJK Pharmaceutical Warehouse, not satisfied with this  also has a significant position as the most preferred  medical  warehouse internationally.


TJK Medical Supplies, founded in Dubai in 2023, is a trusted global provider of high-quality medical supplies and pharmaceuticals. We’ve taken inspiration from Elbi Pharmaceutical Warehouse’s 40 years of industry experience to ensure reliability and excellence in our operations.

Licensed by the Ministry of Health, our comprehensive range of medical products and medicines supports healthcare providers worldwide. We employ a rigorous cold chain transportation system to guarantee timely and safe delivery of our products, which always arrive in excellent condition.


Our mission;

• To provide the optimal solutions at every stage from the moment they are ordered to delivery, by analyzing the needs of our customers around the world correctly,
• To improve our relations with existing customers within the framework of mutual goodwill,
• To keep customer satisfaction at the highest level during and after the order phase,
• To pursue a stable and sustainable policy to deliver the highest quality products at the most competitive prices.

Our vision;

• To provide customer satisfaction by offering our high quality products at the most affordable prices,
• To maintain our reliability in the sector by providing timely and complete supply of the requested products,
• Being the most preferred pharmaceutical warehouse in the international market,
• Not compromise on quality and reliability by paying utmost attention to cold chain in transportation,
• To serve as a solution partner by analyzing the needs of our customers correctly,
• To closely monitor developments and innovations in the global sector,
• Building a strong bridge between our customers and suppliers,
• To be the largest door opening to the world in the field of medicines and medical supplies in Turkey and  to become the most preferred solution partner.


As Elbi Ecza Deposu, which works for the most appropriate and effective service in pharmaceutical supply, we determine our values ​​in accordance with the most appropriate and effective service. We list our values ​​as follows:


In line with our goal to cooperate with all stakeholders in the health sector, we work with hospitals, pharmacies and non-governmental organizations in 83 countries. The countries we supply our quality and affordable products are as follows:

Afghanistan, Australia, Azerbaijan, UAE, Bangladesh, Brazil, Bulgaria, Djibouti, China, Indonesia, Fiji, Ivory, Philippines, Ghana, Guyana, Georgia, India, Netherlands, HongKong, Iraq, UK, Iran, Italy, Cambodia, Qatar, Kenya, Libya, Lithuania, Macedonia, Malawi, Myanmar, Nakhchivan, Nigeria, Pakistan, Poland, Rwanda, Singapore, Slovakia, Somaliland, Somalia, Sri Lanka, Syria, Saudi Arabia, Trinidad, Ukraine, Jordan, Vietnam, Yemen, Zambia

In addition, we are participating in the most prestigious fairs in the health sector in the Middle East, Asia, Europe and Africa, promoting our brand and continuously expanding our customer portfolio.

We support humanitarian organizations all over the world with unanimous support, knowing that drugs and medical supplies are vital for all living things. We provide all kinds of medical supplies needed by aid organizations such as IHH Humanitarian Relief Foundation.

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